My Mobility! Training has given me a second chance at thoroughly enjoying life. Since I started my fitness journey with Khari and Konnected Fitness, I often think back to several times when I couldn’t enjoy trips or outings because I couldn’t keep up because of my weight. My feet and ankles would hurt and swell so bad. Now I’m able to do things I never thought I’d have the ability to do. I can hike if I want to. Explore a new city all day with no problems. Go to a concert or sporting event and not worry about how many stairs I’ll have to climb. I literally get stronger everyday. So thanks Khari! I couldn’t have done it without you! 


Ever since I began working out at Konnected Fitness in July 2022, I have grown stronger, both mentally & physically. My goal has been to increase my muscle strength and gain muscle tone; and, in a few short months, I already feel and see a difference! The uplifting atmosphere, coupled with an encouraging coach, makes every session enjoyable. Each workout session challenges me and I leave every time feeling more and more accomplished. I am so glad that Konnected Fitness came into my life when it did. I am looking forward to more mental and physical challenges along the way! 


Konnected fitness really helped me get my confidence back after Covid and too long from the gym. Coach Khari taught me to do whatever works for me, whether that’s changing my class from 7am to a 10am or 5pm option or changing a movement that is too difficult for me at the moment. Khari’s program showed me mobility exercises and active stretching that have improved my knee issues and allowed me to reach my goals of lifting heavy weights. Besides my improved strength and some physical changes, I’m mostly proud of myself for keeping this habit and proving that I am getting better every week (with Khari as my witness!)


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