Konnected Fitness is committed to using health and fitness to positively impact our community. Konnected Fitness would love the opportunity to partner with you to provide experiences such as:

  • Business/ Organizational Virtual Group Fitness Clinic
  • Educational Presentation Related to Fitness and Wellness
  • Contracting of Group Fitness Clinic, Remote 1-on-1 Training, or In-Person 1-on-1 Training for
  • Or any other creative way you think we can help

If you are interesting in partnering with Konnected Fitness, let’s connect and discuss! Click the “Contact” button below.

Current Partnerships


Khari currently serves as WeRun313’s Strength and Conditioning Coach. She is also a Captain. Khari leads warmups to prepare runners for Club runs and co-coaches Strength & Conditioning/ Track Day along with Coach Asia Rawls.

Moneyball Sportswear

Coach Khari is a Sponsored Athlete for Moneyball Sportswear’s Women’s Activewear. She does product testing, reviews, and acts as a brand ambassador.

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