Coach Khari

Strength & Conditioning Coach

Owner of Konnected Fitness Strength & Conditioning Gym

Khari Dickey was a Performance Coach for over 2 years working in corporate fitness. During her time as a Performance Coach, she influenced the increase in performance and fitness of many members. Khari obtained her Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology from Wayne State University. She has also a Master of Science in Exercise and Sports Medicine from Western Michigan University. Khari has successfully implemented post-rehabilitation programs for clients, instructed movement skill-based conditioning group fitness classes, and coached total body strength group fitness sections. 

During her time in corporate fitness, Khari obtained 2 certifications, the EXOS Performance Specialist Certification and the EXOS Fitness Specialist Certification. She creates and executes science and research-based, performance-enhancing training programs focused on total body strength and conditioning.

Outside of her corporate fitness strength and conditioning experience, Khari worked in cardiac rehabilitation and stress testing for 3 years. She was also an EKG technician for 1 year.

What People Are Saying

Thank you for the guidance you provide with regard to my journey to improve my fitness.  The flexibility you demonstrate, encouragement, ability to alter the structure routines and knowledge go a long way in assisting with the improvements that need to be made.  Your calm demeanor and words of encouragement also help a great deal.  Thanks again for all that you do in assisting me to improve.

Cynthia D.

You are an awesome coach! I wouldn’t be anywhere near my fitness goals if it wasn’t for you! You take the time to thoroughly explain the movements and the muscle groups that you are working, which helps people understand why we are doing a certain exercise. You always come to class with a great attitude and are constantly pushing me to do my best even if I feel like stopping. I also love how you try to switch up the classes and ask for our opinions/feedback. I remember when I first started coming to the gym and was skeptical about participating in the classes. Once I began coming to class, it definitely exceeded my expectations

Darnell B.

Working with Coach Khari has been an enriching experience. She takes the time out to get to know her clients individually. Allowing us to build a relationship with each other and ultimately create a line of communication during my fitness journey. I appreciate her attention to detail and being so accommodating to my personal needs. This made my workouts feel more catered directly to me, keeping me motivated to stick with the plan. I’d recommend Khari to anyone looking to make a change within themselves. She is very supportive, informative and patient. She is a great motivator and wants the best for each of her clients.

Bretina W.

I came in for a consultation due to a physical restriction in my hip. It was extremely limiting. I could not squat down and get up unassisted. My hip restriction came as a result of my foot injury from 9 years ago. Every year after that my mobility got worse. Khari impressed me with her thorough knowledge of the human anatomy as well as her attentive listening skills. I have worked with Khari for a series of sessions. I have made amazing strides in my overall mobility. Working with Khari has helped me to regain movement in my hip, reduced the pain level, and increased my strength.

Ruth S.

Let’s build something together.

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