About Konnected Fitness

Konnected Fitness was founded May 1, 2020 at the height of the COVID pandemic and originated as a mobile outdoor fitness training service. Konnected Fitness provides a smaller, more intimate alternative to larger commercial gyms such as Planet Fitness. Our clients are supported by coach accountability and Strength & Conditioning-based programming. January 4, 2022, Konnected Fitness opened its doors as a physical gym location in the Islandview neighborhood of Detroit.

Konnected Fitness Strength & Conditioning Gym is a Detroit Gym that focuses on the 3 Pillars: Fitness, Nutrition, and Accountability.


Our Strength & Conditioning programming offers a unique extended warmup to reduce pain and improve movement. Workouts are designed to reduce pain, improve movement, increase strength/endurance, and assist you in looking as well as feeling their best. Our signature Strength Days and Conditioning Days will meet your were you are and challenge you.


Outside of fitness, you will be coached to make healthier choices, prepare healthy meals, and create healthy rituals. Eating healthy starts small changes that add up to be results. Our Meal Preparation Guide will show you how to fuel and snack for performance.


Your Coach and your Squad will be looking for you and going through this journey with you. We are all in this together. We will be holding each other accountability by congratulating your finish of each workout, celebrating each positive life change, and sharing tips for healthy meals.

Our Gym Values are: Community, Personal Development, Whole Wellness, and Eating Well to Perform Well.


We share and we care for one another. We connect each other with resources. We fellowship and radiate good energy while we share space. Each person is here to grasp their fitness goals and a healthier lifestyle.

Personal Development

Your why is yours. Maybe you’re having some pain from not moving as much. Maybe you’ve gained some weight and want to slim down/tone up. Maybe you used to be active and want to challenge your strength and endurance again. Maybe you’re under some stress and want a healthy outlet. Whatever your why is, this is a safe space for you to personally develop.

Whole Wellness

We understand that the mind, body, and spirit are not separate. Our workouts, gym environment, and activities encourage us to acknowledge this connection.

Eating Well to Perform Well

Don’t waste your workout. What we eat is just as important so along with our fitness training we train to eat better as well.

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